How dare I say such blasphmey after only one season

This sub seems to mostly like competitive or pro player
28 de março de 2014
I mean, I have some of the greatest assets in the world
29 de março de 2014

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canada goose store 8 points submitted 22 days agoThis happened to me. I was already leaving the company and had put in my 2 weeks, and my SM was petty toward canada goose outlet in toronto people that didn canada goose jacket uk sale want to work there forever.So, she somehow got hold of a screenshot of a private conversation I had with a coworker in which I said “I fucking kill you”, in context CLEARLY a figure of speech, but context wasn provided in the screencap. Also didn matter that I had zero history of violence or criminal record, or that I had a close personal relationship with that partner that I had been texting with, or that the screenshot was like two months old.I had also been building a case regarding a toxic work environment (extremely aggressive shift, would follow people into bathrooms and scream at them, make elderly partners scrub drains and pull fridges, break company policy by opening the store without another partner and then blame someone else when there was money missing at the end of the day, etc.) She found out and began retaliating against me canada goose store.

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