You can get a non curated one with spike grenades as well as

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canadian goose jacket 1 point submitted 9 hours agoMy thoughts: a non curated doomsday. You can get a non curated one with spike grenades as well as full court, and for the auto loading slot you could instead have rangefinder if projectile velocity gives you trouble. Heck, or a diff barrel perk.Pretty sure adaptives (that means edge transit, as well as doomsday admittedly, though it perk probably would push it forward paired with spike) have worse DPS than aggressive heavy GLs, cheap canada goose too, anyways, if you really going full optimized boss damage. So maybe an optimized Doomsday, but if not, something like an Outrageous Fortune. 5 points submitted 16 hours agoNah. This is the same damn problem as people wanting to move swords: the special slot already has something canada goose clearance sale similar (in this case snipers) and if you move them over it they just trample on each other identity.The heavy slot does lack a good long range option, LFRs are presently too weak but it not like LFRs inherently can be good heavy weapons. The special slot has snipers however, which are already canada goose freestyle vest uk weapons intended for close enough ranges to canada goose outlet woodbury LFRs.With swords the comparison is shotguns, and likewise there a strong case for “swords should be stronger, not moved to special and make them compete”.Exotic LFRs potentially being an exception is a good thing IMO, but things like Crooked are more suited for heavy canada goose outlet store winnipeg conceptually, they just need to be strong enough for that slot. The heavy slot would have shit variety if we just move out all the more unique heavy canada goose outlet edmonton weapons that just don happen to be strong enough. 2 points submitted 16 hours agoConsider: what the damage is relative to other heavy (and even specials.) weapons now, not what the damage is relative to what it used to be on them.Yes, they buffed them quite a bit, but no, they still don measure up well to other weapons.Someone with the exact numbers, and also a better understanding of balance would be a lot more qualified to say exactly how much more they need.Anyways, if you think the 300% boost was all that, why are you suggesting putting them in the secondary slot in the first place, exactly? 1 point submitted 18 hours agoIn theory maybe, but bungie doesn know if they can use incentives to drive it high enough to be worth it to them, I see no reason their current mentality would change now to then. Like maybe, maybe not.I wouldn really like if all exotic sparrows were sparrow canada goose outlet new york racing either, anyways, like yeah maybe some cool ones, canada goose jacket outlet montreal and other nice incentives, but maybe it be maybe not.Personally I of the opinion that SRL would be cool, but I honestly inclined to agree with Bungie view that the same work could potentially go to something that sees cheap canada goose bomber more play (or might likewise not, but they seem to bank on that potential).But yeah, it not canada goose black friday sale necessarily 100% off the table, at least, just 100% off the table for D2. I certainly play it some, more than I play gambit lol, but that not saying much. 1 point submitted 19 hours agoYou overrating the hitscan aspect lol, yes it a good benefit, but it lacks in too many areas relative to some other supers.There no contest whatsoever to dawnblade bottom tree, the tracking is insane, the movement is insane too, the only time GG has an advantage is extremely wide ranged maps. which we don really have much. Just equinox, maybe? Even that has places to simply hide from a GG as they slowly canada goose outlet montreal trudge towards you before their super runs out.Mostly people just avoid using dawnblade because it neutral sucks, but GG neutral isn great either. Thus, as a matter of fact, neither of those are seen too often in my experience canadian goose jacket.

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