I was the same except the “epiphany” happened when I was 15 yo

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added these other documents in handwriting and presumably
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canada goose clearance I’ve unconsciously played the game in friends cars because I’m so conditioned at this point and it scared the shit out of them haha. It was dead quiet and we drove past a canada goose outlet online store farm. I ain’t giving up this chance to get ahead. Of what went down? That a lot to tldr but in the shortest way I can: a club owned by majorly famous BigBang star Seungri (BB are called the “kings of k pop” so you know) got put under investigation in January due to a video of a customer being violently thrown out of the club for defending a women who was being sexually assaulted. The club was suspected to be a hot spot for sexual assault, rape and drugs.In early march, a group chat involving multiple k pop idols as well as k entertainment people got revealed. They shared videos of themselves raping women, talking about how they were feeding them sleeping pills canada goose outlet jackets and then raping them, talking about going out to rape women etc canada goose clearance.

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