5% AWD 30% LMG damage then another 45% from unstoppable force

Originally part of the Tulsa fairgrounds
21 de janeiro de 2015
It sounded pushy and entitled
23 de janeiro de 2015

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canada goose clearance sale I haven’t seen anyone use compensated on a LMG yet how much of a damage boost is it? I have had a lot of success canada goose outlet with my straight weapon damage LMG build although I am really looking for a MK46 with rate of fire on it. 100 rounds coming out at over 700 rpm will be. I personally think canada goose uk delivery unhinged is a must have on a LMG. Not only is it 25% full time damage boost that also allows you to stack more red for more damage. Currently my LMG build is 50.5% AWD 30% LMG damage then another 45% from unstoppable force and about 60% DTE. My CHD is only like 40% and CHC is about 35% this build isn’t about crit it’s about pure weapon damage. I just need to min max it a canada goose hybridge uk bit more and I’ll probably pick up canada goose outlet legit another 10 to 15% more weapon damage. canada goose clearance sale

canadian goose jacket Yea I’m bummed I literally just got my MK17 build optimized. But I was playing Canada Goose Outlet around with a SVD last night and with the same rifle build I was actually getting quite abit more damage then the MK and I don’t have any MR damage on this build. If you slap accuracy and stability mods on it and you can shoot it almost as fast as the MK17 with the same accuracy. The only problem is the mag size. Going from 22 50 depending of if I ran extended mag to 12 SUCKS. canadian goose jacket

uk canada goose outlet While I literally just got my rifle build Optimized. 26.5% AWD, 37% rifle damage, 45% from unstoppable force, then anywhere from 10 to 15% from ranger with 98% headshot damage and 60% DTE sprinkled in. This build absolutely melts. 130,000 headshots on red bars canada goose uk price 200,000 headshots on elites when UF is active, theses are non crits too. After I finally got the last piece to the puzzle (gloves with devastating and the overload band set) I canada goose outlet location took a gander at my weapon damage, it was 50.1K. 50,100 on a MK17!!!!!! That’s pretty canada goose outlet england fucking crazy imo this build isn’t min maxed yet either. I can squeeze more weapon damage and armor (more armor makes unstoppable force stronger) out of this build with better attribute rolls and better gear mods. It’s so good that it literally trumps every other build I have (LMG/SMG). I’ll admit my SMG build is trash right now but that’s bc RNG is a bitch, but my LMG build has canada goose uk black friday over 100% weapon damage as well and it’s good. that is until you use a optimized rifle build. The amount of damage/accuracy/range you have makes you realize how bad the other guns truly are. I can’t believe I’m saying this but canada goose mens uk sale the MK17 truly needs to be adjusted for the sake of build diversity, bc as it stands now if you’re running PVE and not using a MK17 with a rifle build you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage. look at the SVD I literally just equip it on my rifle build and I was already smacking reds for over 150k headshot and over 220k on elites and that was without UF active. This will probably be my gun of choice after the update on Friday. 4 points submitted 7 days ago uk canada goose outlet

canada goose uk outlet I don really understand the request to switch tiers. You just want to get the same blueprints as me at an easier level? You want the same rewards but on easier difficulty? I don really feel like the game needs to give you an “easy mode”. I feel like you want the stuff, https://www.cheshuntteamministry.org.uk play the game how its intended and you can get them. canada goose uk outlet

I don believe this option should be added. Especially with the current mod system. If you get the mod early it crafts the same mod as it would at world tier 4. If they were to add the ability to switch world tiers, the mods from lower world tiers should be worse variants.

canada goose I don see any reason at all why you should be able to go into easier difficulties to canada goose uk regent street earn the mods/blueprints that you can use at end game. Doesn make sense. canada goose

Canada Goose sale RealIncredibleCronk 1 point submitted 7 days ago Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose online I love running my lmg build. It does pretty decent dmg but mainly made it for sustained dmg. Im sure There are way better builds out there, of course. But i have fun with this and can solo challenging and CP3 difficulty easy enough. Canada Goose online

Demo Specilization for LMG bonus, mainly.

Canada Goose Parka Armor: 212360 (i know not 100% needed but i did need 7 blues to unlock patience)Skills Power: 1275 (useless, I know, but couldnt find some items without skill)Black Market M60 E6 Steady Handed, Allegro, and Rooted. Would change rooted for another but I swapped steady handed to this weapon. Canada Goose Parka

Canada Goose Online Mods reflex sight, light extended 5.56 mag, small laser pointer (demo mod), omega rifle suppressor. Defensive mid w/ 2k armor 955 armor/s regent and 790 armor on kill and utility mod w/ +skill power 2% nade dmg and 2.5% explosive dmg Canada Goose Online.

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