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canada goose black friday sale Jane Goodchild’s work experience record reads like a who’s who of the fashion world. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Coats On Sale After graduating with a Fashion and Textiles degree from Ravensbourne College, Jane was snapped up by Calvin Klein and shipped off to New York for a five year stint designing clothes, shoes and handbags, discovering that the latter was where her real passion lie. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Back in the UK she found opportunities as a freelance accessories canada goose outlet mississauga designer working with a range of top companies, among them Jimmy Choo, Notting Hill Design, Julien Macdonald and Loewe in Madrid, as well as High Street favourites Next and French Connection.

So it was with considerable experience of her trade that she launched her own company two years ago designing a range of bags including her trademark tote, clutches and cosmetics purses, using the finest materials and leathers and artisan manufacturers.

canada goose clearance sale “Working in the states was brilliant,” said Jane. “I was 25 at the time and it was my dream job really, but I was a bit homesick and wanted to come back to the canada goose black friday toronto UK. Freelancing gave me the chance to work with some really lovely companies and I learnt an awful lot but when the recession came, I discovered that freelance designers are quite disposable and I found I was the first to go. canada goose clearance sale

“I was a bit out on a limb so I took a year off and thought about whether to retrain and do something else or whether to try and put all of this experience canada goose outlet toronto location into something for myself and in the end I took the leap of faith. It’s been a learning curve but I absolutely love it, I love doing my own thing and having the freedom to do what I want, it’s just great.”

canada goose store Jane freely admits she perhaps underestimated what is involved in launching and running a business. canada goose store

“I thought I would be sitting up here drawing pretty pictures of handbags and it was all going to be fluffy and lovely,” she laughs, “but that’s just a tiny bit of canada goose outlet miami what I do I sometimes canada goose outlet jackets come in at weekends to do that because there just isn’t time cheap canada goose in the week.

“You have to wear a lot of hats, and that’s what I wasn’t prepared for, but I still love my job and sometime ask myself is this is really what I want to do and the answer is ‘yes’, it’s exactly what I want to so and that’s what keeps me going.”

canada goose uk outlet Jane’s inspiration comes from many sources. She says she loves airports, art deco and the glamour of the 40s and 50s. canada goose uk outlet

Canada Goose Parka But it was a trip to Havana in Cuba that was to have the most profound affect on her. She was mesmerised by the graphics and culture which helped her develop the star logo and medal charm featured on her work. Canada Goose Parka

She says the spirit of Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and the revolution loomed large amongst the salsa, the rum and the cigars, with the iconic canada goose outlet online Cuban star symbolising the dreams and passion of the people.

Her bags, she says, have the spirit of revolution flowing through every stitch.

Before launching her company Jane sought the help of enterprise agency NWES and advisor Letitia Cavanagh.

canada goose factory sale “We had about 10 sessions together, Letitia was brilliant. She reeled me in when I got out of control and told me I had to do my finances, though I never really completed a business plan, as I wasn’t looking for finance. I have my key points and I know where I need to be month to month. canada goose factory sale

“The business is small but growing and better that than something I can’t control. It’s just me and I am happy for it to be a slow burner.”

cheap Canada Goose In launching her company, Jane knew she wanted her products to be made of the finest Italian leather and was able to use her industry contacts to find a family run factory in Portugal who were happy to make her bags in the small quantities she requires. Only about 20 or 30 bags are made to each design, which means she can constantly refresh the collection and her customers can feel that when they invest in a Jane Goodchild that they are not only buying quality but a level of exclusivity. cheap Canada Goose

“If someone buys canada goose black friday 80 off a bag they are not going to see everyone with one and I think that is really important,” she said.

Jane says she has gone for the middle ground, price wise, with her bags. Average prices start at 60 for a make up bag and peak at around 350 for a large tote.

Canada Goose Jackets “The high street is flooded, and at the top end prices have gone through the roof so I think my bags sit nicely in the middle. I think a lot of women will pay up to about 400 but not 1,000, that’s hard canada goose outlet online store to justify. So I was trying to create something in the middle, really good quality and individual that fitted the market. We launched in a recession and yet people are still spending and I think people like treats, a bag or a new pair of shoes, people find the money and they will last a lifetime. Well, at least until the new collection,” she jokes. Canada Goose Jackets

Jane’s route to market is a combination of online sales, through independent boutiques both here in Suffolk and further afield and shopping events.

Canada Goose sale “It is a tactile product and people like to canada goose outlet in vancouver touch and feel the leather,” said Jane, who has named each bag after a Hollywood star, Hepburn, Garbo and Mansfield among them, “so the boutiques are great. The shopping events and fairs are also good; it is lovely to make a connection with people, hard work but enjoyable. Canada Goose sale

“Social media is important and I’d like to get into more boutiques. It is tough out there but the latest collection has been really popular and people are starting to know about me and the brand. My friend rang me the other day because someone had stopped her and asked if her bag was a Jane Goodchild, which was lovely.”

Jane grew up in Stutton near Holbrook and after working abroad was pleased to come home to settle in Suffolk.

Her and boyfriend Matthew Steward are renovating their new cottage and she has recently moved her business into offices at Tuddenham. Just outside Ipswich.

“I love being back canada goose outlet washington dc here,” she said. “For me it is just home and a lovely warm place to be. My family and friends are here and I love the landscapes and the countryside and the freedom and fresh air and I don’t missed being squashed on the tube and those horrid commutes I did for years and years. I loved New York and I loved London and I still like going every now and again, but I love coming home even more.”.

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